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10 Things not to do if you want to have an amazing first date

In this post we will provide you 10 things not do in your first date, so lets go : 

  1. Do not talk about your ex

    Talking about your ex means that you didn’t forget about her and you still think of her, so it’s not something you would do while in a date.

  2. To not be yourself

    Many people try to be someone else in their dates, because they wanna show up smarter, cooler, or nicer…, but in most cases that ruins the whole thing.

  3. Don’t be rude to the restaurant staff

    The manner How you talk and deal with the restaurant staff gives already an idea about your behavior to your date, so try to be gentle and treat them nicely

  4. Don’t say that you love her/him

    When you’re too excited or being nervous about a date, you could say something to your date that you would regret later, and specially saying that you love her/him, this would be toooo early to say in a first date. 

  5. Not showing up

    This is one of the worse things you may do in a first date, so at least give them a call if you’re not showing up.

  6. Do not talk about the number of kids you two will have and what their names will be

    some people when they think they found their soulmate, they start to talk about their future kids’ name(s). This probably would frighten your date and make her/him feel that you’re rushing things.

  7. Do not smell bad

    Before your date don’t forget to take a good shower, wear nice close, and put on a tiny bit of perfume. 

  8. Do not call her/him the name of your ex

    what a bad thing to do in your first date, so I’m asking you to focus and call her/him with their correct name.

  9. Do not show up late

    call first and say that you’re coming late.

  10. Don’t forget your wallet and make your date pay for dinner

    All of us could make this mistake and forget the wallet, but try not to 😀

Those were 10 things not do in your first date, try to avoid them, and we wish you good luck in your next dates.

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