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Another American state is banning fur products

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Following the footsteps of other states like San Francisco and Los Angeles, California has decided to go fur free. The Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a package of bills against animal cruelty including AB 44 (banning the sale and the manufacturing of new fur products), SB 313 (bans the use of wild animals in circus; bears, elephants…) as well as to stop donation for fur clothing and accessories. “California has always been the leader when things are related to animal wellbeing, that leadership has led to the complete ban for fur related products”, Mr the Governor in one of his statements to San Francisco Chronicle.

The bill is only applicable to newly made products like shoes, handbags, and clothing made out of fur. It excludes old, used fur, taxidermy, religious ceremonies fur, and fur used by native American tribes. “people who violate the ban will be subject to fines” according to CNN.

The ban actually started from fashion industry Headquarters. Brands like Gucci, Chanel, DVF and Burberry decided altogether to stop using exotic skins and fur for future products. Chanel’s president told WWD that future products will not only be cruelty-free but also it will help save nature in many ways…

Coach is another brand for Luxury Bags, Wallets, Ready-To-Wear decided to go fur-free. They have announced it back in 2018, they no longer sell fox, coyote and rabbit fur, their CEO Joshua Schulman announced that the end results were due to complaints from both customers and employees, we also believe that it is the right thing to do.

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