Bringing Disney characters into real life

Growing up to become what we are has surely been affected by the Disney cartoon we watched during childhood. Flying with Peter Pan or swimming with the mermaid are just some of what we always dreamt for.

The following work of art is done by the Italian designer Luigi Volo who uses Photoshop to blend Disney characters with his everyday reality, and the results are just astonishing.

Here are some of the highlights of his works, some of the characters are not from Disney, but they surely look familiar. Enjoy!

Sharing a cigarette with Hades, Hercules’ all-time villain

I’m sorry Ariel, I didn’t do it on purpose.

the sky is blue, and so are you. Everything is going to be alright buddy.

what do you think of this look?

Going on adventures with Lilo and stitch. Let’s go!!

I don’t want to be sad with the queen of sadness. Meeeh!

The jungle king is getting a makeover.

Sunbathing with the pack

why so hairy Sullivan??

Bro, would you like to be my pillow?

One last one.

Multitasking at its best.

They look so adorable the three of them.


Looks like it’s raining cats and dogs over here, Ghibli!


Time to shave this bad boy of a beard.

A floating teddy bear is the best friend ever.

OHH, I’m turning cartoonish again.


Lumière is burning to give use a beam of light, thank you.

The fur ball is so hyper for some before sleeping pillow fight.


What do you think?

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