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Dogs are better than Nephews for Ring Bearing and Now here is why

Marriage is a day of celebration, happiness and love. While the tradition says that the youngest of the nephews should bear the ring to the groom on her wedding day, a woman decided to do something else, she decided that her dog will be the one to bear the ring. Crazy right? I know!

It is really lovely to see pets in wedding ceremonies, because, as humans, we have reached a stage where we feel better connected with animals. A pet would witness the very first baby steps of a relationship, the happy moments, the sad moments, the screaming (sometimes), and the wedding day. A couple reached to reddit for advice, and their question was” is it wrong to choose our dog to be our ring bearer over our nephew”.

The newly-wed husband explains the story behind the ring bearer dog. He got the dog when is still was a puppy, and the dog was always there for both of them since day one, during the period of 4 years. He adds “we started dating few days after I got my dog, the three of were together ever since.

Shelley is the dog to bear the ring, she is a well-behaved dog who knows couple, they decided why now, as it will be memorable, funny and remarkable. They taught her how to hold the ring basket and how to behave in front of the people, they also got her a funny shirt for the special occasion.

So far so good, but they have found a little problem with the 10-year-old fiancée’s nephew who asked to be the ring bearer, but their answer made him cry, they told him that they had picked up shelly as the ring bearer. The mood was totally electrified and they had to leave the family BBQ. 

The young couple offered the young nephew to do something else which is kind of reasonable, which he agreed to with a sad face. The dog owner adds “we want Shelley to be part of the wedding since she is part of our daily life, but she wouldn’t care much if we don’t include her”

To smooth things over with family, the young couple decided to include the young man in their wedding day as being the ring bearer. It is really weird to see a family coming apart because of something as banal as bearing the wedding ring.

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