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Easy ways to remove tonsil stones

Tonsil stones are medically known by Tonsillithis, they are small white stones that are formed as a waste from food, dead cells that become trapped on the tonsils, they turn hard after a while which gives them that texture. They cause pain and irritation in the throat.


This article will show you some easy ways to remove tonsil stones by yourself:

1.  Cotton swabs method

All what you need for this method is a mirror, toothbrush, flashlight and some running water.

It starts by opening up the mouth and saying a weird “ahhhhh!”to tighten up the back mouth muscles and to have the stones visually clear. Start by running some water over the cotton swab then poke the stones gently. Then, softly pull it out of your mouth and wrap it in paper towel. Be gentle since bleeding may occur, and finally rinse your mouth with water to soften the thick saliva.


2. oral irrigator

This one needs additional caution because you might push the stones further to you throat and end up swallowing them. Put the water irrigator inside the mouth without further touching the stones, gently switch it on and direct the stream onto the tonsil stones by keeping the hands firm and steady until dislocating the stone.


3. Gargling to remove and prevent the stones

Rising the mouth with alcohol-free mouth wash will not only help improve the general health of your teeth but also is will help displace any leftover food.

Gargling with warm water and salt is also another solution for leftover food as it helps dislocating bits of food from tonsil craters. Each teaspoon of salt is mixed with 6 ounces of warm water.


4. Gargling with apple cider

Apple cider vinegar is another solution for stone tonsil. Dilute 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar in a cup of warm water and gargle, try doing this three times per day as it helps to loosen up the stones faster. But, be aware of the side effects on stomach and tooth decay.


5. Eating yogurt

Yogurt is also useful with tonsil stones as it contains lactobacillus acidophilus and other probiotics which help in getting rid of the bacteria that causes tonsil stones.


6. Chewing on carrots

Carrots increases saliva production which in return helps reducing throat irritation and eliminates the bacteria causing tonsil stones.

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