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Here is why you should be outside at the moment!

Being outdoor has many benefits, and science came to prove that!

It has been statistically found that people who spend most of their time indoors are more likely to be depressed, researchers suggest 2h per week as total time to be spent outside every week as it enhances one’s mood. People living in metropolitan cities spend nearly 90% of their lives indoors, they commute to work and then spend 8 hours working.

This is why you should be going outdoors more often!

Here is wat happens to you when you are outside!

  1. Fresh air

Most of us think that the air we breathe outside is polluted than what we actually breathe inside; I hate to say it, but it’s on the contrary. It has been found that indoor air is up to 10 more polluted because of reasons such as poor ventilation, chemical substances, mold and finally personal products. So, it’s better to head outside if you are looking for some fresh air.

  1. Vitamin D from sun

What makes vitamin D different from other vitamins is that our bodies actually make it. Instead of relying on food, people with Vitamin D deficiency should rely more on sunbathing. So, if we only use car and don’t go out more often, our bodies struggle to produce vitamin D.

After 10-15 min of direct sun on our bodies, chemical reactions happen and vitamin D is produced, it is very important for the health of our teeth and bones, that’s why we all need a daily dose of it.

  1. Seasonal affective disorder

This one is applicable only for autumn and winter seasons and it is called “SAD” acronym for Seasonal affective disorder. It is a mental state where lack of day light and vitamin D can cause partial depression. That is why it is highly recommended to go out more often when the sun is shining during these two seasons.

  1. Forest bathing

This one is about an old Japanese concept which talks about “getting g lost in the forest”, it is an ancient form of psychological therapy. This forest bathing is all about finding inner peace in nature and spending quality time away from the city.

This form of therapy helps with high blood pressure levels, reduces stress hormone from blood circulation and finally it increases happiness hormone.

  1. Reduce anxiety

Anxiety has been defined as the increase in alertness, fear, inner turmoil as well as nervousness and some other physical signs such as heart rate. Going outdoors has been found to reduce anxiety, improve the overall wellbeing and boost one’s creativity; that is why walking meetings are a thing nowadays.

  1. Grounding

This one is to better connect with nature and mother earth, earthing or grounding is when we draw positive energy going barefoot. The results are said to be improved sleeping and well, more time in nature. Go outside and enjoy your day!!

This is your walkthrough on how to spend time outdoors.

  • Exercise more, exercise outside! Go jogging around the park, do some yoga in backyard. See people and talk to them. Try new things outdoors, it’s for free.
  • Have you ever found yourself talking on the phone and roaming around the house? Well, you can basically do that outside as you will also benefit from fresh air and from the walking.
  • If you are all about healthy food! Make-ahead your meals and go for a picknick
  • Get the most out of seasons; Enjoy snow fights and walking around the park in winter, while go for a hike or watch your favorite baseball team on summer. No matter how hot/cold it is outside, you can always enjoy your time

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