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Lady gaga fell off-stage and her fans worried to Death

Lady gaga left her fans worried to death after her famous stage-fall, even her doctors had to x-ray every bone of her body afraid that she might have broken something.

The 33 years-old pop singer fall off-stage after she a fan decided to hold her up during Las Vegas performance.

Sharing a snap of her X-rayed hand making the A-OK sign with her 37.4 million followers, she wrote: “When they have to X-ray almost your entire body…”

The born this way queen used her Instagram account to let fans know that she is fine and even made fun of the incident, she attached an X-ray picture of her hand doing A-OK sign adding: “When they have to X-ray almost your entire body…”

The mother monster invited a fan on stage throughout the show, but he decided to hold her up and dry hump her, the fan lost his balance over stage and tumbled off stage.

Gaga told fans that she completely striped and used ice bath for 10 min for tiredness, then she soaked her body in hot water for another 20 min for relaxation, and another 20 in ice filled compression suit.  

Even Sir Elton John among agrees on the fact that Lady Gaga is a true star after an interview with GQ.

He adds: “to be star is a long process of shedding tears and hard work and most of all, dedication to live performances. You can’t be a star by only making records”

Later he added: 

” Gaga is the star in our modern age. She’s got it all, ambition, talent, and dedication.

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