Mom shares a horrifying son transformation after using drugs

Jennifer Salfen-Tracy is a mom of 3 young adults from Missouri. The only concern she had was her 26 years old son, Cody.  

He disappeared over the course of 3 months.

Cody, the one sitting on the left of the bench, moved away to LA with “allegedly” his girlfriend, who is homeless.

Jennifer shared 2 photographs of Cody on Facebook

This picture and one under it are 7 months apart. It shows the devastating effect of drugs over his health. It is obvious that he lost weight.

Cody’s physique has totally changed; it is like a different person, almost unrecognizable.

He has lost so much weight. His skin looks so pale and full of scars, definitely because of sleeping in the streets of LA and the constant drugs consumption.

Jennifer is clearly desperate for Cody to reach out…


“social media helped me going through my problem, I got so much support from people from all over the world. Sharing awareness about drugs and alcohol addiction helped me overcome the pain I felt at first.”

Jennifer also adds “so many families are suffering in complete silence, civil society should all work together and find solutions for drug addiction and homelessness.

The worried family is still waiting for Cody’s call

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