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Net neutrality as a concept is when the filthy rich capitalists decide to have more money

Net neutrality as a concept is when the filthy rich capitalists decide to have more money, this is from a financial perspective. Net neutrality is when internet is equally divided among all internet user, and all websites load in the same way. From streaming services to using Facebook and Instagram. But all this might change in no time.

The now Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, had a totally different point; he wants to end the free flow era and bring back quota mindset, which says that the internet as a service is going to be divided into small packages that people can subscribe to. Ajit Pai is giving the internet service providers the total freedom to either keep the status quo or divide the famous websites into small packages 

Current clients are concerned that this will lead to “website package” just like how TV channels are sold in packages by cable providers. This will certainly give the upper hand to ISP, they will have the possibility to put popular websites in a pricey package.

The following picture illustrates the packaging idea:

All the big tech companies come out to call for internet equality A.K.A neutrality, companies like google, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and Tinder could lose billions of dollars if their users’ access is restricted in any form or shape. In the meantime; internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast are coming together against that law.

Unfortunately, as consumers, you and I have minimum to no impact over whether net neutrality stays or goes. The Federal Communications Commission’s decision has been already made by 3 out of 5 board members who voted for net neutrality repealing. 

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