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The most “OHHH NO” photos ever taken

Photography has served the role of saving memories for ages. It is indeed an amazing invention, it captures moments faster than what the eye can actually see and maintain. Sometimes, the person holding the camera unwillingly captures weird and unexpected moments that may serve as a benchmark of one’s own life. Through this articles, we will have a look at the funniest/the most horrible pictures that have ever been captured on camera. The following pictures my look somehow fake or unreal, rest assured, they are all real pictures with a perfect timing.


Ohhh it is s hot and humid over here, let’s slid in a muddy lake. Hey you, the guy with the camera, make sure to capture the right picture of me doing my own thing.


Fly me to the moon let me sing among the stars, let me see how spring is like on Jupiter and mars. (I don’t own the right of the song).

It is kind of creepy to be honest.

(Mozart playing in the background) it seems like a glorious picture. The grandma having the “OH NOOOOO” face, the younger child is scared and maybe is going to fall with the older one “LOUDLY SCREAMING”


Zeus fell in love that day with the queen of freedom.  He was astonished with her ability to bring thunder into earth.


A dog fishing, a mermaid dog, a redhead dog. The picture is just amazing.


Hooman, let me replicate the picture on your wall. Be alert for this splendid occasion.


The reflection fits perfectly with the waiter holding the drink. They couldn’t have done it better.

Let’s go for a swim, shall we?


I’m one of the spiting fire dogs, I belong to a pure blood dynasty with a very long heritage.

Hey birdie, let me jump into your mouth and feed your belly.


Let’s spread love all over CANADA.


I walked over water, just for my owner to have a really amazing shot.


It is swimming time kiddo, shoot him with water till he falls in the ocean.


Coke and mentos, the fun brothers having fun with this kid, Just Amazing.


Aquaman, Aquafish, fisherman. All are names for the same picture. The one on the picture above.


This how to ruin a perfectly aligned group of soldiers’ picture with an early morning yawn.


They call is bulls eye, I call it dog’s eye. A perfectly timed picture in which a dog is following the ball with his eyes.


Hold my drink for a second, let me just fall into the pool. I’m feeling hot anyway.


An amazing picture a Stork doing its job, delivering babies.


The dog must have felt so lonely to do that. But, it is just astonishing for dogs to understand human art.

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