This genius has returned a lost wallet in the most creative way.

Have you ever lost your wallet? Packed with cash, credit cards and subscription card, trust me it feels like so much pain in the chest, but our case is different. Tim lost his wallet on the way home, it didn’t have much info for who is the owner, his name or his phone number. But, an honest man found it and discovered the most creative way to text the original owner, it was by small deposits to his bank account.

Time posted screenshots to Twitter, and this is how they look:

Tim’s wallet didn’t have an ID or an address, but there was a credit card with account details printed on its back. The person who found the wallet decided to do four account transactions in order to use the reference section as a messaging method. The full is, “Hi! I found your wallet in the road” with a phone number to call or text message. The internet reacted to this in the best way.

I’m not sure if I would have had the same creative Idea to reach Tim just like what our friend did. He must be a sort of a detective or an international spy, who knows!!

This is another example of a lost item, just like the old black & white movies. Who said that big scary guys aren’t nice?

This just restored my faith in humanity

Many people liked what our friend did in order to find Tim and return the lost wallet. This started a whole thread for people sharing similar stories where other people helped them to restore what they have lost.

This story is whole lot more than just finding a lost wallet. It is about helping one another, compassion, and most of all having the well to help others in need.

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